Types of Products


2 part Sliding Window/door

4 part Sliding Window/door

Fix+Sliding Window/door

Bay Sliding Window/door

U sliding Window/door


Casement/Swing Window/door

Fix+Casement/Swing Window/door

Top hung Window

Side hung Window

Louver+ Fix+Casement/Swing Window

Panel door

Toilet door

Folding door

Tilted Window


Fix window and door

Combination with Sliding or Casement

Glass options

5mm clear glass

6mm clear glass

5+8+5 = 18mm double glass

5+8+6 = 19mm double glass

Color glass such as blue mercury, light blue mercury, lake blue mercury, coffee, black, golden mercury.

Tempered glass (5/6mm)


Moon lock (middle lock for sliding window)

Moon lock (middle lock for sliding door)

Moon lock with key

Handle lock with key and multi-locking transmission

Handle lock without key and multi-locking transmission

Casement handle lock

Sliding push lock

Single Wheel (load capacity 70KG)

Double Wheel (load capacity 90KG)

Net wheel

Brush Seal


Fisher Screw (60/80/100)

Self-drill Screw (12/16/25/38)

End Stop

Aluminum rail

Installation Work

friction hinge installation
handle lock installation
handle lock installation
Installation Work
Installation Work
Installation Work