Why EcoFriend

Features & Benefits

Sound Insulation

EcoFriend windows and doors block out the outside noises and disturbance.

Storm Resistant

Provide strong protection ensuring no rattling frames and no whistling sounds.

Saves Energy

Our doors and windows are indispensable energy saving components in house building.

Prevent Dust Buildup

Stay clean and happy. our doors and windows ensure dust has no entry passage into your home.

Elegant Looks

They are stylish, elegant looking, smooth to touch and effortless to operate.

Weather Resistant

PLENTY OF SUNLIGHT - Creates positive energy inside the home and makes you feel upbeat.

Block Rainwater Seepage

keep your home safe and dry when monsoons come knocking at your door.

Improve home Security

No Tension. Deter burglaries without missing out on fresh air while you sleep.

Low Maintenance

No painting, no polishing, no maintenance headaches - optimized for long life performance.